Furuno Introduces FR-803D Digital Radar

Furuno recently announced the introduction of their FR-803D high brightness digital radar. This is the latest and most cost competitive member of the Furuno digital radar family.

The FR-803D radar offers a steady picture 12-inch CRT, three kw transceiver with Furuno's special microwave IC front end circuitry, / to 36-mile range and a 3.5-foot antenna system. It also has two variable range markers, two electronic bearing lines, adjustable sector and range guard zone with alarm, interference rejector, variable pulselength and PRF's, universal 10-42 VDC power supply.

Its most unique feature is the multilevel quantizing circuitry where several levels of target return are recognized, thus eliminating the "holes" and other picture problems that are seen in other radars. For complete information on the FR-803D digital radar,

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