Perry Offshore Announces Expansion Through Tritech International Network

Robertson A/S Radio-Elektro of Egersund, Norway, has been acquired by Tritech International, the joint venture company of Perry Offshore, headquartered in Riviera Beach, Fla., and Bird Technology A/S of Bergen, Norway.

Robertson, to be renamed Robertson Tritech A/S, is a leading producer of marine autopilots and gyroscopes for commercial and pleasure boating markets.

Located on the southwest coast of Norway and employing some 150 people, Robertson Tritech will expand its line of marine navigation and electronic instruments and start building ROVs (undersea robotic work systems) developed by Perry Offshore and the Bird Group.

Perry and Bird formed Tritech International early in 1984 to develop new technology, manufacturing expertise and service capabilities for subsea work systems and high technology products and services for offshore markets. Robertson Tritech is the newest addition to the Tritech International network that includes 4 technical manufacturing and service capabilities in the U.K., Norway and the U.S.

Robertson Tritech will become the manufacturing base for the new small, low-cost SPRINT 101 ROV system. They are also planning to start manufacturing the larger TRITON 202 ROV systems in 1986.

Perry Offshore has started production of the first TRITON systems at its Florida manufacturing facility.

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