Ship Dynamic Positioning & Mooring Systems Conference —Papers Available In Booklet Form

North Sea weather is expected to produce some 273 days in any one year officially described as bad (mist, rain, fog, snow, ice), 49 "marginal," and 43 "fair or good" days. Because of this weather pattern, outlined by P.H. Barton (divisional) manager, Marine Offshore Division, (GEC), in his opening address when taking the chair for the morning session of a one-day conference on "Ship Dynamic Positioning and Mooring Systems— Electrical Aspects," organized by The Institute of Marine Engineers in London on February 22, 1979, platforms in the "Forties" were designed to withstand 94-foot waves, and winds up to 130 mph. The integrity and reliability of electrical systems associated with such projects had to be of a very high order, and new techniques and extended practices evolved to meet the demands of supporting offshore oil technology.

The aim of the conference was to examine the considerable practical experience with electrical systems for specialist support vessels in the realms of design, building, operation and maintenance, and personnel training. Also discussed were applications on semisubmersibles as well as ships, covered position measurements as a necessary prerequisite to dynamic position control, and p o w e r systems on vessels equipped with sophisticated control systems. Seven papers were presented: (1) "Design Considerations of Electrical Power Systems for Offshore," by R.L. Ames; (2) "Evaluation of Microwave Positioning Systems," by D. Green and A.J.C. Hamblin; (3) "Computer Controlled Anchor Positioning for a Pipelaying Barge—System Design and Experience During Pipelaying," by Ivai von Thienen; (4) "Personnel Training Simulator for Anchor Positioning," by H.E.D. Jensen; (5) "The Scott Lithgow DP Vessel," by J.K. Robinson and J.F. Simpson; (6) "Dynamic- Positioning Control Systems and Operational Experience," by R. Bond; and (7) "New Diving Support Vessels for the Royal Navy," by K.E. Jordan.

The conference papers in full, with discussions and authors' replies are now available in booklet form, priced £25, and may be obtained from Marine Management (Holdings) Limited, Activities Division, 76 Mark Lane, London EC3R7JN, England.

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