Oceanology International For Offshore Industry Set For March 3-7, 1980

"Advanced technology" is a dominant theme for the next in the world series of Oceanology International (01) offshore exhibitions which takes place at Brighton, England, March 3-7, 1980.

Many of the exhibiting firms report that new developments in e q u i p m e n t , hardware, i n s t r u - ments and services will be featured— ranging from advanced platform design and subsea completion systems to the use of micro-electronics and computerbased on-line data systems.

The 01 offshore exhibition— fifth in this series—will embrace oil, gas and mineral engineering; marine engineering; deep diving systems, submersibles and services; communications and navigational aids, and offshore supply, support and rescue craft.

The event will be staged at the Metropole Exhibition Halls and the new Conference Centre in Brighton. Waterborne displays, including visits by operational ships from the offshore industry, will also be held in nearby harbors. The exhibition and various outdoor displays are being organized concurrently with the five-day 01 World Conference at Brighton, with speakers from over 20 countries. As in previous years, the entire 01 complex is supported by the British Government. It has an International Advisory Council from 12 nations.

OI's chosen theme of "advanced technology" reflects important North Sea developments applicable to offshore industries worldwide. A significant aspect has been improved technology in communications and navigation techniques.

Examples seen at 01 78 included position-fixing systems operating from satellite fixes that permit all-weather, round-theclock operation, and acoustic navigation systems that will lay a manned or unmanned submersible alongside a wellhead with 1-meter accuracy.

While communications and navigation are, of course, one of the key features of 01, there is no facet of offshore work that is not represented. Applied oceanographies interests, for example, will find the 01 audience tailormade for a business where nearly every leading British manufacturer exports over 70 percent of production.

Fundamental changes in diving, particularly with regard to gas mixtures and a wider physiological understanding, will be marketed in the 1980s to ensure that t h e service companies are equipped to cope with the demands of that decade. 01 presents a complete range of equipment used in deep-diving operations— from saturation life-support systems to hyperbaric welding equipment. The oil and gas industries, particularly, are well served for exploration, field development, production and structural maintenance. The range of services extends to offshore surveying and sampling, mining and prospecting, underwater pipeline and cable routing, the design, engineering and operation of dredging systems, as well as oceanography and hydrography.

Also on show will be the latest developments in pollution control, anticorrosion techniques, and firefighting and fire prevention. Commercial fishing technology will be represented by satellite navigation, sonars, and a range of equipment for fish detection.

01 has an unmatched international reputation, and occupies a special place in the history of offshore development. It was a British "world first" in 1969, when there was virtually no offshore industry at all.

Offshore oil and gas technology has since provided the impetus for the growth in status of the exhibition and its accompanying international conferences. The 01 series—now held biennially—has stood for international collaboration in offshore development.

Its worldwide influence was marked in 1978 by a record attendance of over 25,000 key people from 144 countries. The conferences, sponsored by 13 heading U.K. institutions, attracted 1,348 delegates from the oil, gas, minerals and marine industries.

Papers were presented by 147 speakers.

Further details about 01 80 and the 01 World Conference can be obtained from the organizers, BPS Exhibitions Ltd., 4 Seaford Court, 220-222 Great Portland S t r e e t , London WIN 5HH, England.

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