Radio-Holland To Distribute Anschuetz Products In U . S.

— L i t e r a t u r e Available Radio-Holland recently announced they have obtained exclusive distributorship rights to the Anschuetz Product Line in the U.S. This means that sales and service of Anschuetz products will now be handled through Radio-Holland's branch offices in the USA as well as their nationwide network of authorized dealers.

Joining the Radio-Holland staff will be Lee Marcroft, Dennis Mclntyre, and Jim Reed in the Springfield, N.J., office. Phil Johnson, Chris Beckett and Kim Scott in the Houston, Texas, office, and Tom Dane in the New Orleans, La., office.

The list of well-known Anschuetz products includes a full line of marine gyrocompasses, autopilots and steering controls, installed on over 9,000 ships ranging from 500,000- ton super tankers to 42-foot motor yachts.

Radio-Holland USA, B.V. offices are in the following locations: New York—90 Route 22, Springfield, N.J. 07081, (201) 379-2660, telex 132034; Houston—6033 South Loop East, Houston, Texas 77033, (713) 649-1048, telex 795428; Long Beach—1965 Spring Street, Long Beach, Calif. 90806, (213) 595-0039, telex 181584; New Orleans—5515 Pepsi Street, Suite C, Harahan La. 70123, (504) 773-4024, telex 784433; Mobile—701A South Conception, Mobile, Ala. 36603, (205) 432-3109, telex 782737; and Corpus Christi— 3206 Reid Drive No. 12A, Corpus Christi, Texas 78404, (512) 851- 9390.

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